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Why Choose Life's Abundance?


No Artificial Preservatives, which have been linked to cancer and other diseases!

No Corn, No Wheat (the two biggest culprits for food sensitivities and allergies in pets)

No fillers! 


Bio-available nutrition means less is more!

Less food to buy every month, less litter box scooping, and healthier cats and kittens.

Thicker, glossier coats, lean, firm muscle, bright clear eyes, and an added bounce in their pounce...

These are some excellent reasons!

 Each ingredient in Life’s Abundance food is carefully chosen to work with all the others to provide your cat with a wholesome, highly-nutritious, and perfectly-balanced meal every day, every year … over a long and loving lifetime.

What we feed influences our pets’ long-term health and vitality more than any other factor. Fillers and artificial preservatives added by even the most high-end manufacturers are not in there to help your pet; they’re added to make the food cheaper to produce and give it a longer shelf-life. Dr. Jane Bicks, who formulated the Life’s Abundance food, is more concerned with the health and well-being of our pets, and these unnecessary and potentially dangerous elements will never find their way into Life’s Abundance! That’s why you’ll never find it on a shelf in any store - the natural preservatives (such as Vitamins E and C and other antioxidants) give this natural food protection not for years but for months, so it’s always delivered fresh to your door. All those recalls you hear about, molds and bacteria in pet food stem from bags of food sitting in a warehouse or a trailer, without climate control for however long it takes for the retailers to sell it. Life’s Abundance finds its customers through network marketing, trusting the pet professionals who have experienced the results for themselves to share their knowledge, and it works.


They have kibble and canned food, excellent treats, and palatable supplements you can feed directly as a treat or add right into their food for an extra boost.  Yes, nutritional supplements gobble up - that's a first!


If you look at the food comparison charts, you'll be amazed at the unnecessary additives that can be found in even the most expensive high-end foods. Empty calories don't fill the belly as highly digestible protein sources do; when they absorb the nutrients, the food doesn't turn into waste. Pound for pound, Life's Abundance is the superior choice for all your pets and costs less!



This is the kitten food, treats, supplements, grooming care, and cleaners we use!

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